Retired UM Licensed Minister

About Miss Vern


Miss Vern has been my Life Partner for the last 50 years. She is also my Ministry Partner and my Best Friend. 

Your best friend is a woman? Yep. That's Vern!

I'M big on Bible knowledge, and how history affected the events of the people in the Bible, but Miss Vern is the expert on getting the Holy Spirit to actively minister to peoples' needs. When she touches you, you can feel the healing power of the Holy Spirit flow through her and into you, and begin to work on your need. If you seek healing, run to her.

I couldn't ask for a better partner! Nor could you find a better Grandma!

About Jerry


From crazy redneck Town Hooligan to Missionary, then on to licensed United Methodist minister. God still changes lives. Are you ready for a change? 

 In 1969 i won an all expenses paid vacation in sunny Southeast Asia., compliments of the US Army. Hooyah!

We left our home in a small Iowa town (Truro) as ministry partners to follow God's call in New York then on to Cincinnati. We've met and been encouraged by many wonderful people along the way. These pages are my attempt to pass it on. 

Our Golden Wedding Anniversary will be March 24, 2018. We've decided to finish out our lives together, but partly for a practical reason: we're just too tired to train somebody new. (smiles) 

My Writing Secret


 The things I write are "original" in a sense.  Although I call myself an author, I am more of a glorified secretary, just writing down what I hear the Holy Spirit say.

Here's my secret: I ask God a question (and some questions are vastly better than others) and wait for the answer. Then I write down what I hear and organize it a bit.

It is the same method King David used, and it still works today.

The modern name is "prayer and meditation."

Try it yourself!

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