Encouragement For Today

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Answers to Life

The best answers are more than simply quoting a Bible passage and giving you a sermon, A skillful counselor can draw the answers out from within you. The best course in an uncertain sea is already lies within us, needing only to be brought to light.


Tools for finding encouragement for today include writing blog posts, often with reader's questions as a basis. I also search for the best self help books available. I will also be posting in "bulletin board" format words of encouragement for today from the Bible. Providing private one-to-one guidance and counseling can be arranged. Most life coaches are bound by their certification to keep their religious views to themselves. If a Christian life coach believes that the Holy Spirit has a message for you, You're going to get it. 

You choose: God's wisdom or man's

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Hiring Jerry for Private Sessions

We can set up sessions by email, phone, Skype, chat, Snail mail, etc.

Payment can be made easily and securely through PayPal (preferred) or by credit card through our secure server. We use the same security measures as your bank. Also we don't spam people or sell their email addresses.


Best Self-help Topics Blog

Great ideas and guidance from readers, and from all over the web. 

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