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God is too big to fit into a box, nor can we get Him into that little space between our ears. An effective prayer life doesn't depend on "figuring God out."

We teach our children that "God is the big guy in the sky who can do anything." That works for children, but many of us never re-visit that definition and update it as adults.

There's a big difference between faith and religion. Religion is what we do, while Faith is what we are to live.

Our nature is how we usually behave and is like our religion. Faith is a determination which changes behavior, either ours or God's.

Keep in mind that God can not violate His own Nature or His own Will. Unfortunately many of our prayers ask Him to do exactly that.

How far do you think that kind of prayer is going to get? Learn to pray in tune with God's nature and will and see the difference immediately!

For what it's worth, here is a partial list of things God can't do, taken from My book "What God Can't Do."

God can't get sick.

God can't love you any more than He already does, nor any less.

God can't lie, or break a promise.

God can't learn anything

Since God is light, He can't even cast a shadow.

Learn to pray as a partner with God. Get the best book on prayer we know of in either the print edition or Kindle version today.

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Get an Autographed Copy of "What God Can't Do"

I've sold almost all of the first edition paperback copies I have on hand except the last 25 or so. Here's how you can order one of them.

The price will be $15 + $5 shipping for the first copy. When you send your payment to my PayPal account, their notification will have your address and I'll ship it to you. Multiple copies will add about $1 more per book to the shipping. 

Hardcover Coming Soon!

Plans are in the works for a limited run  Hardcover edition of 

"What God Can't Do."

Still to work out: pricing, distribution, and dust cover layout. I am also looking for an agent, because this is taking up a lot of time I could be using to write.

Testimonials and Readers

A reader and my friend Ashley, who also loves her  friends at Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  Please visit .

She also supports RSD research and help through Weeping Angles  RSD Foundation. Visit them at

She caught me in my "winter face."

Healing Prayer Seminar!

Down the Road.  I have been encouraged to recreate a seminar where folks can learn and practice praying for the sick in the old-fashoned way of the laying on of hands, and standing on the promises in God's Word. It's a lot of work, and maybe more than I can do.

People need to be recruited and trained. Not only is the unexpected most likely to happen, but incompatible and potentially harmful ideas have to be identified and channeled productively. 

I will need two kinds of people:

  1. Those willing to learn and serve (can be distance learning)
  2. Those willing to receive healing (maybe at a distance as well)

Expected Results:

1. a few dramatic complete healings

2. all remaining cases show improvement 

Points to Ponder: 

All sicknesses have a Spiritual component which must be discovered and addressed to expect complete healing. The way to do this is included in the training.

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I could use more testimonials, and you could get your picture on this page with a link to a cause you love like Ashley's picture with me.


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